Swanwick Christadelphian Family Bibleschool

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus


COVID19 Notice: Many, if not all, of us are currently affected by the stringent measures put into place by governments across the world to combat the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. These measures are also affecting the brotherhood worldwide. In times like these we feel the power of the phrase in James 4 – “If the Lord will”

It is with sadness that the committee of the Swanwick Family Bible School have to announce that the Bible School is cancelled for 2020. The Hayes Conference Centre have closed their doors until at least the end of May, thus taking this decision out of our hands. As a committee we recognise that this will be a loss which will be felt by many brothers and sisters.

In the coming days we will be sending out further information regarding our plans for next year’s school, God Willing, as well as information concerning refunds and booking for next year, please bear with us as we confirm these things.

We are grateful for all your support and we pray earnestly that our Lord will return soon to bring an end to the fear and turmoil currently afflicting the world.

"Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus" - Phil 2:5

Swanwick Family Bibleschool is a family gathering held by The Christadelphians. It contains a varied programme of study and leisure, with the mornings taken up by the three main study sessions with the rest of the day free for other activities.


Swanwick Family Bible school is held in The Hayes Conference Centre in Swanwick

Latest News

Sadly day visitors will NOT be permitted to attend the school, including the Bible Class evening. It has been concluded that we would be unable to meet new requirements implemented by the Hayes Conference Centre.


Adults: £395
Full time students (18+): £260
Young people (11-17): £210
Children 6-10: £135
Children 4-5: £75;
Children 0-3: Free
Maximum family charge: £925*
* A family includes parent(s) and any children under the age of 18

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