Swanwick Christadelphian Family Bibleschool

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus


The Bible School has been arranged with the objective of providing brothers and sisters and families with the opportunity to study the Word of God, for a week, with those of like precious faith, without the distractions of the world around us, that we may all be edified. The aim is to provide a positive contribution to the needs of the brotherhood in these last days.

It is expected that all brothers and sisters attending accept without reservation the Gospel contained in the Word of God as expounded in the writings of pioneer brethren and epitomised in the B.A.S.F. and reject the teaching of evolution/ theistic evolution.

We ask all attending to conduct themselves according to the Commandments of Christ and to refrain from entering into controversy over fundamental issues, although we do not of course wish to curtail discussion on the Scriptures.

The organisers of the school wish to acknowledge that God hates putting away and they do not wish the harmony of the school to be disturbed in any way with this kind of problem. 

The Bible School is dedicated to the spiritual upbuilding of all those who attend and it is hoped we shall reflect the principles of Christ in our behaviour, deportment and dress and show forth in our lives the effect of the Word of God upon us.

We look forward to a spiritually uplifting week around the Word with brothers, sisters, young people and children.